We are pioneers in the production of fashion and innovative watches

We are pioneers in the production of fashion and innovative watches

Welcome to Welly Merck world

Our Uniqueness

Every Welly Merck piece embodies a design that embodies true elegance.

Our Brand Concept


Insight into the trend and explore the future design

# Outdoor trend #

# Psychedelic cyber #

# Metaverse #

# Smart #

# Elegant #

# Sporty #

We invest in only the best quality

Giving you the finest quality is the mountain top of what we provide

Our Product Series

Eudemons Series

Eudemons Joint Series

Classic Multi-Function Series

Multi-Functions Watch

Classic Series

Origin minimalist mechanical watch

Classic square watch

Exquisite small square watch

Classic small square watch

Perfume bottle small square watch


EVA joint series

We were the trend

Based on design team advantages, combined with the needs of brand development and brand vision

Quartz watch movement

Mainly based on Swiss Ronda Movement

Mechanical watch Movement

Mainly MIYOTA movement of Xitie City, Japan


Production cooperation suppliers and Switzerland Tissot, CK and other well-known brands are cognate enterprises.


All are synthetic sapphire mirrors, second only to diamonds in hardness, wear-resistant and scratch resistant

Our watches are ingenuity quality

Starting from the original watch design, continuously deepen the brand image and enrich the brand thickness

Special effects mastery

We have spent years perfecting special effects in film

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