About Welly Merck

We align ourselves with those who think like us. At Welly Merck, we're always striving for more power, more function, and heightened simplicity. Our designs are purposeful, modern, and always evolving. Just like our wearers.

Our signature is subtle but distinct. Look closely at every Welly Merck piece, and you’ll see a design that’s more than elegant—it’s functional. We’ve engineered each strap and watch face for optimal wearer-experience and beauty. Every outfit becomes your look, signed by Welly Merck.

Watches are the ultimate statement piece, reserved for only the most intentional of wearers. Every watch denotes class and intentionality. Only a Welly Merck watch also denotes excellence, diligence, and sophistication. Elevate your ensemble. Wear a Welly Merck.


Welly Merck was founded on the true story of Merck and Welly, lovers who established a timeless identity by facing adversity and overcoming it. Welly Merck watches are evidence of their journey.
Merck grew up a part of a small town’s lower-class, situated against a backdrop of mountains, coal mining, and making-due. His father, a miner, struggled to provide for Merck’s mother and siblings.
Rather than being diminished by his surroundings and status, Merck was inspired by them. He grew up with a deep respect for family, an affinity for simplicity, and dedication to his work. From a young age, Merck learned to never stop striving.
Merck’s resolute spirit stuck with him through the years, and by age 16 he left his small hometown for college. Soon thereafter, though, Merck’s father fell seriously ill, leaving the family more vulnerable than ever. Though Merck was forced to relinquished his dreams of finishing college, these difficulties did not obliterate his ambition. Perhaps more valuable than a college degree was his strength of character, which attracted his soulmate, Welly, who he married.
In time, Merck was able to return to school and graduate with honors. Rather than being burdened by the difficulties he experienced, he grew more determined to succeed. Before long, he and Welly had a clear goal: to develop something that symbolized their approach to life and the things they’ve overcome. They created the Welly Merck watch, a representation of durability, simplicity, and tireless striving.
The Welly Merck watch line is for those who choose to make a statement. As a brand, Welly Merck seeks to align with people who, like the founders, never stop striving, never stop working hard, and who face obstacles with determination and class.


Inspired by desire, conceived with passion, and born with quality. Welly Merck watches represent a modern combination of quality and fashion that makes luxury watches affordable for almost everyone.
Welly and Merck hope that everyone who owns a ''Welly Merck'' watch can appreciate the love and make it last. Welly Merck watches are more than just a watch, they are testament to our passion and commitment.
Where there is Welly Merck, there is love!


Two hands design

All the watches are influenced by two hands design that allows for a more elegant watch face, and simplified design.

4 O’clock Position Crown Design

Crown at 4 o’clock position gives a horological comfortable experience when wearing Welly Merck timeless watch. The crown was moved to 4 o'clock to stop it digging into your wrist, and to offer it additional protection (using the side of the case, as well as possibly crown guards) in adverse environments.

Sapphire Crystal Glass

Sapphire Crystal glass manifests customary high quality. Welly Merck watches are designed with sapphire crystal and basically impossible to scratch. The vast majority of modern Swiss watches utilize a sapphire crystal.

Interchangeable High Quality Strap

The Welly Merck watch strap is designed to be changed easily even without a tool, defining a personal unique lifestyle. Having an interchangeable watch strap makes it fun to find new ways to mix and match your collection.

Personal Customization

The elegant Welly Merck watch is more useful with amazing functional aesthetics. It can be customized and offered as a gift by carving one word you want to say to him/her on the back of the watch case.


Inspired by desire, conceived with passion and courage, and born with quality, Welly Merck watches represent a modern combination of quality and fashion that makes luxury watches affordable for almost everyone.

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