What We Think About When Travelling

13/10/2017 10:30

Every year a lot of time was spent on travelling, as a proverb runs, “Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.” Travelling around has been a part of life. Recently we put forward the question WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT WHEN TRAVELLING on Quora, Facebook, Reddit and Yahoo Answers, there we received many ideas all over the world.

Some participants will think about the people, the place, the culture and things they will have to experience. To people who like travelling, before leaving for a specific place, they always search out the place on the Internet, in the meantime they will also make a list of the things that have to be done after reaching the destination.  

During the travel, most of the thoughts were spent by them on where should I go next, how do I get there, and so on. They always asked themselves a lot of rhetorical questions and at the same time, snapped pictures whenever they found something interesting. Those are planned trips, they know where they go, and also how to go.

What We Think About When Travelling

Some other people will think about the basic things: food and family. They will think about what will they eat, the family members, they will pray for protection for their family while away, may next time your family can come with you!

What We Think About When Travelling

There’s also a lot of people who regard it a perfect opportunity to get away from everything, they try not to think too much, sometimes the problem is overthinking, to enjoy the present moment is good for soul. It’s like being yourself when travelling, getting no thoughts whatsoever and they just love the feeling of being out and enjoying.

What We Think About When Travelling

We are very glad to see so many people take part in this investigation, to travel is to live, never stop thinking big, what do you think about when travelling? Leave your answer on below platforms and get inspired.


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