Welly Merck Water Resistant Watch

02/08/2017 21:25

The water resistance of Welly Merck fashion luxury watches is 5 ATM or 50 meters. Water resistant means that it is humidity-protected. Up to 50m or 5 ATM means you can elegantly wear it underwater, you can enjoy the day in the beach with your Welly Merck Watch on wrist, you can keep it on for washing up or walking in the rain.

Designed with an outstanding quality, Welly Merck fashion luxury watches can withstand water up to 5 atmospheres.  In simple terms, the Welly Merck watch can resist the penetration of water at a depth of 50 meters. The "Water Resistant 5ATM" stamped on the back of Welly Merck wrist watches indicates how well the watch is sealed against the ingress of water.

To ensure the greatest durability of the watch, Welly Merck recommends you to avoid wearing the watch when showering, bathing, swimming, diving, or any activity where it is exposed directly to water.


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