The Fashion On Your Wrist

10/07/2017 10:43

The Welly Merck watches have taken the most fashionable design (simple, elegant, modern pursuit). As a timeless watch, an impressive sapphire crystal glass has been added to enhance your outfit!

A crystal glass is the transparent cover over the face of the watch and the quality of a watch can be evaluated in the quality of the crystal.
One of the best looking Welly Merck women's watches with sapphire crystal glass is the Classic New York R . So chic and minimalist!

Welly Merck Men's watches boast strength and durability, and are amazingly fashion on your wrist! And of course, these timeless watches for gentlemen were designed with high quality sapphire crystal glass and features that are superb all around.

All of our elegant watches are fitted with sapphire crystal, the most resistant crystal, so hard that only a diamond can scratch it. Our outstanding sapphire crystal is cut from a polished slice of solid sapphire made by the fusion and crystallization of alumina. The end result is beautiful, elegant, but more importantly hardly unbreakable.


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