The Fashion Capturing In A Year

11/01/2018 18:29

Magazines and websites (Including Welly Merck’s blog) are always talking about the fashion trending and what matches the daily dress mostly. This new year is no exception.


When hearing this word, it may arise in a warm feeling like the first sunray on our skin, see flowers in the most beautiful colors, and taste a relaxed cup of coffee in the favorite street café. Even though there are new trends every year, one thing remains the same, dreamy pastel tones and soft materials dominate the fashion world in spring. At Welly Merck, you can find a large collection of trendy watches that perfect the spring look. Find out which accessories match this time of year best and discover your favorite models to kick off spring!


If the days get longer and bikini appears on the beach it’s finally summer comes. Your feet in the sand, the sound of the sea in your ears, and salt on your skin – is there any better feeling? The best summer colors are vibrant, bright, and complement those beautiful summer days. In summer, light and vibrant colors flatter your complexion and shiny gold adds amazing highlights.


In autumn, the leaves change to the most beautiful colors. The street will be covered by all kinds of fashion, with elegant boots, dresses and tights you can create lovely layered looks you like favorite. In autumn, every fashion-victim gets to live out their style dreams.


Winter means a lot of big celebrations with friends and family, a minimalist watch on the wrist will save you much time when together with them. Whether it’s a cosy evening on the couch, a wild New Year’s Eve party or a festive get-together with the family - in winter you can express yourself in all things fashion.

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