The Design of Welly Merck Watch

16/08/2017 09:30

Since we have the idea to create a watch brand, the first thing to consider is the watch design, which is becoming an increasingly popular area as a result many unique, innovative and futuristic ideas come out.

Welly Merck adopted a Swiss minimalist design and is great combination of colorful dials and all durable stainless steel cases. Design is the essence of Welly Merck and our vision is to create a strong and characteristic design expression through unique and subtle detailing. To create distinct elements that also enhance the characteristics of each material is an act of precision without shortcuts.

4 O’clock Position Crown Design  

Crown at 4 o’clock position gives a horological comfortable experience when wearing Welly Merck timeless watch. The design moved to 4 o’clock keeps the overall width of the Welly Merck watch down when measuring from side to side, more importantly, this design can protect you from digging into the wrist, and to offer it additional protection in adverse environments.

Sapphire Crystal Glass

The vast majority of modern Swiss watches utilize a sapphire crystal, it manifests customary high quality. Welly Merck watches are designed with sapphire crystal and basically impossible to scratch, you will find the watch will be good after a long time wearing.

Two Hands Design

Sometimes we spend too much time obsessing about time, we adopted the two hands design on Welly Merck watches allowing for a more elegant watch face and simplified design, also for a cleaner look.

Interchange Strap Easily 

The Welly Merck watch strap is designed to be changed easily even without a tool, defining a personal unique lifestyle. Having an interchangeable strap watch makes it fun to find new ways to mix and match the collection, moreover, it’s more cost-effective to expand the collection of straps over splurging on another watch to match everyday occasion.

Personal Customization

This is the brilliant point of Welly Merck watch, it can be customized and offered as a gift by carving one word you want to say to him/her on the back of the watch case, it can be a birthday gift, or anniversary souvenir etc.


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