The Classic Washington BBL Mesh Strap Watch

16/03/2017 16:00

When one thinks of flashy watches, Welly Merck is probably not a brand that springs immediately to the mind of most watch aficionados. However, the Classic Washington BBL watch from the Welly Merck family represents a distinctive line of modern fashion watches: simple, mature, chic, royal and business style. Since the release of this collection, it has grown to include women’s models and men’s models. When glimpsed the very attractive and lust-worthy black dial, light blue two hands, I was very interested in wearing one on my wrist. Its subtle classiness is hard to ignore.
There is no doubt that the Classic Washington BBL is a watch designed to be luxury, iconic and minimal. The quality all 316 stainless steel case, with its easy read dial, striking logo, sapphire crystal glasses, interchangeable mesh straps and 4 pm position crown, all these great features along with the design embody the concept of humanization and indicate potential buyers that this timepiece is a worthy purchase and you cannot afford to miss out.

The 42 mm stainless steel case is the perfect size for any men, and 6 mm thick feels light as a feather. This thick is specially important for wearers, as the watch is not weighing him down or holding him back, when moving the wrist, besides, the Classic Washington BBL gives man confidence to become a conversation starter and not thinking about it for the rest of the day.

The absence of second indicator makes this watch look that much more clear, simplistic and sleek, besides, it looks much more mysterious and unique, as most timepiece was equipped with three hands. What’s more, the light blue two hands are seldom seem, which provides the wearer a chance to stand out from the crowd and helps him start to find his own style, taste. Perhaps, not all people fall in love with your looks at first sight, but with your personality.

With an elegant, lavish look, the dial was covered with quality sapphire crystal glasses, the watch will definitely withstand impact and accompany a man to his next more adult or mature purchase. I can dare say this Swiss movement powered watch is really all you need - especially in times of attending a business meeting or just for casual wearing. Its elements combine all a high-end watch should be. The Classic Washington BBL, a nice timepiece that will surely keep you in fashion and classy right now and in the future, it proves that luxury watches do not need to look sparkle or ostentatious, understated and restrained attitude also inspires the people who wear the wristwatch.

One thing that did catch my eye immediately was the 4 o’clock position crown, which makes the watch different from ordinary one. Putting the crown at 4 o’clock will keep it from digging into the wrist or hand, hand to offer it additional protection in adverse environments. Personally speaking, I find it to be very effective and even added aesthetics, its great for the one who wears the timepiece.

I was also taken with the stainless steel black interchangeable mesh strap. This mesh band trend started a few years ago and was incorporated into so many watches, but you still cannot figure out why it is so charming. What the desired effects are: firstly, the mesh band feels like quality, high-class and light luxury made for the price ($258); Secondly, the superb design of the strap makes it is possible to change the strap into any style you like according to your taste, your occasion and outfits. You can not imagine that this procedure can be completed without using any tools; Thirdly, a chic watch clasp was placed in the strap to make it comfortable to adjust the length and enjoy a nice wearing experience.

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