How To Assemble A Welly Merck Watch III

22/09/2017 14:30

Congrats to three winners on Facebook win a $285 free Welly Merck watch on our Facebook activity:, may you all have a general know of how to assemble a Welly Merck watch.  

The Tenth Step:  Get Moisture Out of Watch

Removing moisture from fog-laden watches may seem like a daunting task, but certain techniques help dry any liquid that has seeped inside.

The Eleventh Step: Water Resistance Test

All of the Welly Merck watches can withstand up to 50 meters water proof when pass the test.

The Last Step: Place the Welly Merck Strap

You can change your everyday style with the interchangeable Welly Merck strap, so there’s 12 steps to assemble the Welly Merck watch.

We are so glad that there’s about 1,000 more fans engaged in this activity, thanks for all the fans keep focus on Welly Merck social media platform, we will do our best to become even better!

Do you want to assemble a Welly Merck by yourself? Please contact for your idea. 

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