How To Assemble A Welly Merck Watch I

15/09/2017 11:40

When you purchase a luxury fashion watch you are paying for time and stylishness. It may sound like an indefensible remark but it is the truth. High-end watches should not only include the valuable materials but also lots of expert labors. The good high-end watches contain copious amounts of time to accomplish, knowing how to assemble a wrist watch is a handy skill.

We are putting forward a question on Facebook about how many steps are there to assemble a Welly Merck watch, the fans who leave a right answer have the chance to win a free Welly Merck watch. We hope that there’s a transparency between the customers and brand, we also hope to better our service and performance to customers than before. Leave your comment on Facebook and see if yours is the right answer.

The First Step: Assembling The Swiss Movement

How To Assemble A Welly Merck Watch I

The Second Step: Assembling The Watch Hands

All the Classic Welly Merck watches are influenced by two hands design that allows for a more elegant watch face, and simplified design.

How To Assemble A Welly Merck Watch I

The Third Step: Assembling The Watch Dial Into The Case

How To Assemble A Welly Merck Watch I

The Fourth Step: Assemble The Watch Crown

The crown was moved to 4 o'clock to stop it digging into your wrist, and to offer it additional protection (using the side of the case, as well as possibly crown guards) in adverse environments.

How To Assemble A Welly Merck Watch I

Do you want to assemble a Welly Merck by yourself? Please contact for your idea. The rest steps will be published on the following blog posts, please keep focused.

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