4 O’clock Position Crown Design

14/06/2017 15:25

Why all of the Welly Merck watches are designed with 4 o’clock position crown design? Welly Merck Watches are without a doubt very elegant, but they are also more useful with amazing functional aesthetics.
4 O’clock Position Crown Design by Welly Merck

Welly Merck is a prestigious watch movement global brand who had the great idea to move the crown down lower, to provide, the better access to the crown while the watch is still on your wrist. The crown was moved to 4 o'clock to stop it digging into your wrist, and to offer it additional protection (using the side of the case, as well as possibly crown guards) in adverse environments. It also keeps the overall width of the watch down when measuring from side to side.
4 O’clock Position Crown Design by Welly Merck

Lots of people like Welly Merck watch at the 4 o’clock position crown design as they find it makes adjusting the time a lot faster and easier.Welly Merck has taken, the favorite fashionable design (simple, simple Modern Pursuit) and added an impressive quality including sapphire crystal glass! Sapphire crystal is relatively rare, difficult to shatter, and requires diamond or sapphire tip to scratch them. Thus, sapphire crystal glass is a perfect and desirable marriage with quality watches. 

4 O’clock Position Crown Design by Welly Merck

The elegant classic collection by Welly Merck was inspired by everyone who loves fashionable lifestyle, encouraging everyone to enjoy every single moment with a timeless and beautiful 4 o’clock position crown watch

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